Too early to think about heating your home?

It’s not too early to start thinking about a heating oil delivery. Before you know it, the kids will be back and school and the weather will start to turn. Leonard Splaine has been delivering heating oil since 1956.


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Proper Install of an AC system

If you want your new air conditioning system to have a long life, it’s critical that it be properly installed.



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Ted talks about ac system installations

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A tight spot

Your house mechanical systems are often in a tight spot, in a back closet of the basement. Wiring, ductwork and plumbing. Using a company like Leonard Splaine means the skilled technician who is replacing your air conditioning system is sensitive to everything in your house. It can be a matter of safety.


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Respecting your home when we visit


A worker with dirty shoes traipsing through your house? It’s not a concern with Leonard Splaine. Look at the photo of this client’s Manassas home, taken during the replacement of their air conditioning system. The technicians from Leonard Splaine didn’t just wipe their feet at the door. They laid down a complete path of clean cloth, all the way from the door to the back space of the basement where they did the work.

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Book your air conditioning system replacement today!

Leonard 6-20-16 2ndLeonard 6-20-16 1st

Out with the old and in with the new, air conditioning that is. Leonard Splaine is busy replacing old air conditioning units all over Fairfax County. Call us to book your job today.

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Air Conditioning replacement in Manassas


Ted Leonard of Leonard Splaine is on hand as his technician disconnects an old air conditioning unit at a home in Manassas. The new HVAC system has been unloaded and is ready for installation. For all of your air conditioning needs in Prince William County and all of Northern Virginia, Leonard Splaine is a family business and ready to give you a free estimate.

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Welcome to the Leonard Splaine Blog

Welcome to our blog. Please check back for information about our Heating, Air Conditioning and Fuel Oil products and services.

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